Physician, Playwright, Progressive Organizer and Native Angeleno

I'm an LA native, physician, playwright, grassroots organizer, and currently a delegate in AD 54. In the 2016-2018 election cycle, I helped build SoCal Blue (then called Swing SoCal Left) into a district transforming, blue wave political action hub for the region, catalyzing the formation of the district Action Councils that led to the electoral sweep of five Congressional swing districts, and inspiring similar groups across the country. After the 2018 midterms, I helped gear up SoCal Blue to continue its role as an action hub in the 2020 election cycle. In addition, I joined Field Team 6 as Director of Operations and began developing its organizational infrastructure to transform its lean, mean voter registration machine into a national powerhouse, registering tens of thousands of Democrats for the 2020 election. 


I'm running as a member of the Forward 54 Slate, a group of dedicated progressive activists with deep experience in Democratic politics and grassroots organizing. Together we've crafted a platform of policies we all support that answer many of the social and economic needs of California--you can review it by clicking the Platform link in the page menu above. Many of our positions involve putting an economic floor under people. I believe economic policies are also policies of democracy. If peoples' basic needs are not provided for they disengage, and what democracy needs most are engaged citizens who feel listened to.


As a delegate, I'm currently in conversation with California Assembly Member Sydney Kamlager (AD 54) about organizing a state mandated Citizens’ Assembly to deliberate and make policy recommendations for a state ethnic studies curriculum. Citizens assemblies are an exciting new form of deliberative democracy that increase citizen engagement in government. They are an example of how we need to think imaginatively about democracy to engage citizens directly in government so their voices are heard. I'm running so that I can continue this work and the work of the Forward 54 slate to fight for real progressive change in the Democratic Party and California government. Please write to me at wayne.liebman@gmail.com if you have questions or comments you'd like to discuss. Thank you for taking time to consider this message. 

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