In-home Care Provider, Union Political Community Organizer,

Homeless Advocate, South Central Native

Michele Reed is a Native from South Central Los Angeles, California with a heart and passion to serve the people. Reed is currently a caregiver and member of local union SEIU 2015. For 20 plus years Reed has provided care for those in need including her late grandmother.


Reed is dedicated to fighting for the voiceless, to be a part of creating long lasting changes in the world, supporting, endorsing and voting for elected officials who would soon become champions for the working class. Social Justice, Economic Justice, Restorative Justice, Immigration Reform and Bail Reform are some of the issues that matter the most to Reed who vows to do her part until equity and inclusion becomes a reality in the world.


Reed is for the people, by the people and will forever fight for the people while standing on the forefronts advocating for justice.


Please vote for the complete FORWARD 54 slate so we can work together to accomplish our goals.


Affiliations ~

Executive Board Member, SEIU Local 2015 National Delegate, SEIU AFRAM Delegate, LA Federal of Labor

Member, Community Coalition Member, Black Workers Center

Member, Black Woman Democratic Club Member, New Frontier Democratic Club

Member, Heart of LA Democratic Club Member, Culver City

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