Child Clinical Psychologist, Professor, Community Activist

Hello, 54th Assembly District Democrats! 


I am a life-long progressive and activist in Culver City and beyond. I work as a child clinical psychologist in private practice and teach UCLA Medical School students interviewing skills and the social determinants of health.


I am running for re-election as part of a group of committed grassroots activists of the Forward 54 Slate to advocate for policies and political representation that will prioritize the needs of children and working families. Some of our priorities are: Affordable Housing, fighting all forms of Hate and Discrimination, Access to Mental Health Care, Medicare For All, Cancelling Student Debt, and a Green New Deal.

My political life began in eighth grade, lobbying the Massachusetts Legislature for the ERA. I am currently Chairperson of the Politics and Elections Committee of the Culver City Democratic Club and I organized efforts to grow our club, increasing membership by 30%. I'm on the Steering Committee of the Culver City Community Coalition, a local grassroots progressive group. 


Since I was elected as part of the Forward 54 Slate in 2017:

1)I volunteered on the campaign team that succeeded in winning a seat for Paula Amezola, the first bi-lingual Latina to serve on the School Board in Culver City.

2)As part of Protect Culver City Renters, I fought to pass permanent rent control and robust tenant protections and helped to successfully defend those ordinances against a destructive ballot initiative to repeal them.

3)I served on the working group that created the Culver City's Equity and Human Relations Advisory Committee.

4)I have volunteered on numerous city, county, state, and federal campaigns, canvassing door-to-door (pre-pandemic), and reaching out to voters by phone, text supporting Katie Hill for US Congress; Holly Mitchell for LA County Supervisor; Daniel Lee, Alex Fisch, Yasmine-Imani McMorrin, Freddy Puza, and Darrel Menthe for Culver City Council; Paula Amezola and Kelly Kent for Culver City School Board; and for the Schools and Communities First Initiative (I also gathered over 250 signatures to qualify Prop 15 for the ballot).

Please vote the complete FORWARD 54 slate so we can work together to accomplish our goals!




Culver City Mayor Alex Fisch

Former Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells

Culver City Council Member Yasmine-Imani McMorrin

Culver City School Board Member Dr. Kelly Kent

Chair, California Democratic Party Environmental Caucus, R.L. Miller

The Culver City Democratic Club

Culver City Council Member Daniel Lee

Culver City School Board Member Paula Amezola de Herrera

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