Javier Moro

Grad Student, Organizer, and Progressive 

Hello, my name is Javier Moro, and I am a graduate student at Cal State LA. 


And I am an organizer and a progressive. 


In my junior year at Cal State LA, I chaired an environmental policy committee to write policy and develop a more sustainably inclusive environment on my campus. 


I worked as a lead trainer for the Sunrise Movement and I traveled the country in the summer of 2019 and continue to be an active member of Sunrise LA.


As an organizer on the Sanders campaign during the 2020 campaign, I tracked voter information, canvassed, and registered people to vote, both on and off campus. 


As an environmentalist and a resident of planet earth, I believe the most important issue facing our nation is climate change. Green energy is the pathway towards a more sustainable and livable future. While coronavirus is leading all the headlines and we’re missing that we’re experiencing hotter seasons, more intensive storms, and in higher frequencies. Climate change is the greatest existential threat humans have ever faced. If the government doesn't begin to fight the climate crisis now, by 2030 we could be facing catastrophic disaster for life as we know it on earth. 


My platform includes
* A Green New Deal
* Medicare for all
* An Economy that works for the working class 

* FREE Public Education 

* Abolishing Student Debt
* Eliminating Medical Debt
* Tax on extreme wealth
* Racial Justice
* A livable wage
* Women's rights
* Get corporate money out of politics 

* LGBTQ+ equality 


Young people like me are be the future of the Democratic Party and I am the youngest member of the Forward 54 slate.

Please check out my video at http://www.adem54.org/Javier 

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