Activist, Organizer, Anti-racist, Public School Advocate, Producer, Husband, and Dad

I’m Greg Bartlett, Delegate to the California Democratic Party. I’m running with a phenomenal slate of activists called Forward 54. I’m seeking your endorsement for a second term because our work is not done. 


California Democrats, with supermajority control of the 5th largest economy in the world, should be leading the country doing what our democracy should do: take care of its citizens.


Our response to Covid-19 requires the most immediate attention, and many of our progressive priorities are in sync with what needs to be done.


We must prioritize assistance to the most vulnerable: our houseless neighbors, people who are incarcerated, and our frontline responders including all of our hospital workers.


We must endeavor to make single payer healthcare a reality because we believe healthcare is a right.


We know that climate change is a real and present danger requiring massive infrastructure shifts toward clean energy and upgrading our power grids.


For far too long our systems in the US have exploited Black, Indigenous, and people of color to uphold white supremacy. Black lives must matter.


Our education system must reflect 21st century needs with high quality, tuition-free, Pre-k through College. And we must reject the criminalization of students of color.


We also need dramatic changes in our criminal justice system and shift police funding towards care, housing, and hunger. 


We have to stop the scapegoating immigrants and institute real immigration reform and, immediately close the camps.


We need to protect LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, and the right to choose, codifying these into law rather than relying on our courts for protection. Let’s implement a modern version the ERA that recognizes intersectionality.


Our politicians should answer to their constituents, not corporate donors. 


With your support, I look forward to continuing my work with the Voter Services Committee, organizing with SwingLeft & SeaChange, and helping maintain the organizers calendar!


Please vote the complete FORWARD 54 slate so we can work together to accomplish these goals.

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