Attorney, Activist, Angeleno, and Lifelong Progressive

EQUITY. ACTION. PROGRESS. ACCOUNTABILITY. These words have been and continue to be my guiding principles as I proudly serve as a delegate to the California State Democratic Party for Assembly District 54.


I'm an LA-born-and-raised attorney, activist, feminist, artist, lifelong progressive, Greek-American, daughter of educators and immigrants, and member of the Party’s Voter Services Standing Committee. I'm committed to the fight for a more progressive California, and I expect the same from Democrats in office and in party leadership positions. I'm seeking re-election so I can continue to champion the progressive vision for California we know is possible. 


So many of us knocked on doors and made phone calls to usher in the big Blue Wave in 2018, and organized amidst a pandemic to win the White House in 2020, two powerful examples of what can be accomplished when we all do our part. Most recently, I enthusiastically volunteered with the local campaigns of Holly Mitchell and Christy Smith, worked on voter protection for the Nov. 3 election, registered new voters in swing states, and just returned from GOTV efforts in Georgia to help flip the Senate. I humbly ask for your vote so I can keep doing the meaningful work of serving as your delegate.

California is an important reminder to all that we can be inclusive, empower workers and tenants, protect the environment, and still have a thriving economy. But we have much work to do. Democrats have a supermajority in the legislature, so there can be no excuses. We must fight to realize our full potential, including universal healthcare, free high quality public education, total racial, gender, LGBTQ+ equality and bodily autonomy, an economy that allows people to thrive and protects the environment, humane immigration policy, the abolition of mass incarceration and the death penalty, big money out of politics, an end to gun violence, corporations and the wealthy contributing their fair share, and more! It’s all possible, and California must lead the way. 

My delegate responsibilities are a privilege that I take seriously. If I have the honor of serving as your delegate again, you can count on me to cast my votes thoughtfully and critically, and to show up and fight for our shared progressive values!

Please vote for me and the whole FORWARD 54 slate!

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