Activist, Feminist, CPA, and Actor

I have served as an elected Delegate for 2018-2020 and as Corresponding Secretary of the Culver City Democratic Club. I am an activist, feminist, C.P.A., and actress. I work at the Natural History Museum. Over the last 30 years or so, I have done accounting work for governments and not-for-profits. I met my husband passing out flyers for Bernie in August 2015.


I’m for

  • A Green New Deal *Medicare for all (or better!)

  • An Economy that works for working people *The kind of Public Safety that makes everyone feels safe

  • Public Education

  • And Ending Student Debt


I want to make the Democratic Party and our club stronger and more progressive (I supported Bernie in the Presidential Primaries) so more of us in the “99 percent” get active. I'm running for re-election because I want to preserve democracy in the United States and make our party a defender of working people again.


I am a member of the Forward 54 slate. My slate-mates are the real-deal.  


-Cynthia Hart | Forward 54-Because the Arc of History Won’t Bend Itself!

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