FORWARD54 Delegate Slate

You can vote for 14 candidates in this election. We've coordinated a slate of like minded activists and organizers, please vote for all 14.
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Elina Antoniou
Michele Reed
Cynthia Hart
Shannon "Ziggy" Theus
Leah Pressman
Shetarrah Byfield
Naomi Goldman
Greg Bartlett
Patrick MacFarlane
Freddy Puza
Will Herrera
Herman Jones
Wayne Liebman
Javier Moro
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Assembly District 54


  • View Park

  • Windsor Hills

  • Liemert Park

  • Baldwin Hills

  • West Adams

  • Mid-City

  • Beverlywood

  • Century City

  • Westwood

  • West Los Angeles

  • Rancho Park

  • Cheviot Hills

  • Palms

  • Sawtelle

  • Mar Vista

  • Culver City

  • Ladera Heights

What Do We Stand For?

The Forward 54 Platform and Our Policy Priorities
  • Invest in our Most Vulnerable Californians During The COVID-19 Pandemic: Healthcare, Homelessness, Hunger, Mental Health, Education, End the Digital Divide.

  • Advocate for Medicare-For-All or Better

  • Reinvest and Rebuild our Mental Health Systems

  • Combat, Prevent, and Decriminalize Homelessness

  • Increase Production and Stock of Affordable Housing 

  • Reform the Criminal Justice System, Reduce and Re-allocate Police Budgets, Invest in Communities, Abolish For-Profit Incarceration

  • A Green New Deal and a just transition to 100% Clean Energy in California

  • Black Lives Matter; Racial Justice and Equity Now

  • Gender and LGBTQ+ Equality

  • Defend Bodily Autonomy and Reproductive Rights

  • Fight all Forms of Hate and Discrimination

  • Stop the Scapegoating of Immigrants: Reinforce DACA, Create a Humane Path to Citizenship, Close the Camps

  • Reduce Gun Violence by Tightening Gun Laws, Banning Assault Weapons, Closing Gun Show Loopholes

  • Reinforce Our Education System: Fully Fund Public Education Pre-K Through College, Free Childcare, Paid Family Leave, Student Loan Forgiveness

  • Support Unions, Workers’ Rights, a Living Wage, Close the Wage Gap

  • End Voter Suppression

  • Public Campaign Financing to End Pay-to-Play Politics

  • Make our tax dollars work for the people

  • Mandate Corporations and the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes

  • Hold Electeds Accountable to These Principles and to Their Constituencies

How Do I Fill Out My Ballot?

You're allowed to vote for 14 people.
7 Self-Identified Females
7 Other Than Self-Identified Females
(OSIF-Male, Non-Binary, Gender Queer+)
Please vote for all 14 of us, and don't vote for more––your ballot will be tossed.
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Our Slate, or Members of Our Slate, have been endorsed by the following people and organizations.


Progressive Delegates Network

Sunrise Movement LA

Abundant Housing LA*

Bruin Democrats at UCLA*

CA Yimby

Culver City Democratic Club

Culver City Mayor - Alex Fisch*

Former CC Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells*

Culver City Council Member Yasmin-Imani McMorrin

CADEM Environmental Caucus - RL Miller

(* denotes full slate endorsement)​

What's an ADEM Delegate?

We are YOUR elected party representatives

The California Democratic Party (CADEM)


Delegates vote and conduct Party business at the yearly CA Democratic Party State Convention and Executive Board meetings, including:

  • Election of CDP Officers: Chairman, two Vice-Chairs, Secretary and Controller

  • Election of Regional Directors who function as liaisons between the California Democratic Party, County Central Committees, and Democratic Clubs in regions comprised of 3 to 5 Assembly Districts

  • Vote for the Endorsements of the California Democratic Party for partisan legislative and statewide offices in California

  • Vote for Positions on Ballot Propositions

  • Establishment of the official California Democratic State Party Platform and Resolutions


Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEM) are held in each of the 80 California Assembly Districts in January of each odd-numbered year to elect 7 “self-identified female” and 7 “other than self-identified female” to represent the Assembly District to CADEM.


The Delegates who are elected at ADEMs are elected by voters and are responsible to vote within CA Democratic Party on behalf of the community they represent at Regional Meetings, the California Democratic Party Convention, and those who are also elected to serve as an Executive Board member also attend the semi-annual E-Board meetings.


to contact us individually click on the candidate, email admin, or find us on facebook or instagram

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